Monday, March 25, 2013

Myspace please change? ( My week of discoveries)

So the neverending story with myspace, they do not change the website and it is heavy. heavy to navigate. And they have a very ANNOYING PLAYLIST SYSTEM, because even if you select your music, once your selection ends,one of their random tracks start playing and believe me some STAFF out there is not NICE to the ear.Or maybe it is the way the sound is does not equalize...
i do not know and frankly i have to investigate and give serious feedback to myspace, because i try to be on the site the LEAST possible because of the ANNOYING random playing of that STAFF. Ok sorry i stop the ranting.
But i was on myspace to check the website of this lovely singer songwriter that i spoke about last week from somewhere in Australia and touring Amsterdam. I went to the intimate concert a few days ago....she made a kind of partnership with the company BMO which sounds like a record company but it stands for Blue Mountains Originals which is a brand of shoes and boots originary of the Blue Mountains Region in Australia. This is an interesting form of advertisement, where music and other products meet. The company BMO had sponsored the venue for the launch of her debut album, a cosy place with pianobar in downtown Amsterdam.
This is a picture of last Tuesday at the concert of Coby Grant.

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