Sunday, June 2, 2013

My weeks of discoveries: jam sessions by the pool and photoshoot for album/website

Life continues in the North of Thailand where i have been for the past 2months.
New songs have seen the light here and last week i completed a new super cool song, for which really i am undecided on the name ( i struggle to find interesting titles for my songs)but which has 3different parts and a kind of MUSE-ish chorus, which was really what i wanted to do, creating a kind of Muse song, full of pathos and triumphant.
Also i have started to work on a song, whose chorus only i had made while in Brisbane, Australia, waiting for a bus at the bus station. The chorus idea was very catchy but i had no idea on how to develop the song itself or how the verses could be. So the melody of the chorus has been buzzing around my head from time to time for the past 5months, until last week, i picked it up and played it on the guitar and i am starting to figure out the rest...the title for this song may be easy to find instead, it may actually be "it seems to have gone away".
Many things here in Thailand have increased my creativity level: the mindfulness and meditation training of New Life Foundation has given me more energy, meeting other talented musicians, like Sinead from London
( here in the picture of one of the jam sessions i organized at the pool) and hearing many emotional stories from people around the world, and feeling more than ever connected to other's suffering or happiness and life. We are all one, so connected, connected because we have the same human nature, even if we try to cover it up with lots of things, we do come from the same place, go through the same issues/struggles and go towards the same place.
It is often so easy to feel isolated, our own ego make us feel different and really think the others do not know how hard certain things are for us, but it is all an illusion of our mind, we do are so much closer than we have ever realized.
The clarity given by meditation and mindfulness made me take the decision to record a debut album here in Asia, which i'll do in the next couple of months, while i am investigating on where the best place to do that will be. I am quite excited by the whole thing, i have now 16songs i can perform on guitar but i'll only choose the best 7 for the album.
Last week i was very lucky to have the help of a good photographer, guest of New Life, Mukhia from Nepal. We took 70 pictures in a great setting perfect for the concept of album and the atmosphere i want to give and i can't wait to see the final results.