Friday, December 25, 2009

My Xmas present for you

Hello hello hello,
on this special day for many I have a present for you all, something that I found today...

1,000 reasons to celebrate and be happy!
Taken from this blog

Things like:

# #647 When batteries are included ( and no hassle of searching for batteries)

# #644 When company events are scheduled on company time ( YES!!!!)

# #641 Kicking those clumps of frozen slush off the back of your car’s mudflap ( AH I feel like a kid playing i love that)
# #640 Whipping down the hill really fast after pedaling hard all the way up ( a kid again)
# #635 When the hiccups stop
# #633 Finding something you lost a long time ago after you already gave up looking for it ( a very nice surprise!)
# #631 Coming back to your own bed after a long trip ( and thinking it is the best place on earth!)
# #629 When it feels like the lyrics to the song you’re listening to were written just for you
# #628 Peeling your socks off under the sheets ( oh yes, i love that too)
# #623 The sound of snow crunching under your boots (and so I make a lot of small and short steps to enjoy that more)
# #620 Singing in the car on the way home from the concert ( and so basically you feel like you are still at the concert! this is especially great if the people on the car with you are as fans as you are)
# #615 When your friend makes sure you got into the house safe after dropping you off at the end of the night ( and you have to send them a text message to confirm!)
# #614 When you tune the radio station perfectly so there’s absolutely no static

MERRY DAY to you all, be you Christian or any other religion, or NON-religion.

Vi faccio un regalo di Natale, sia che siate credenti o non credenti, religiosi o non: di spedirvi il link per 1,000 cose di cui gioire sempre.
alcune delle cose in cui mi riconosco:

Il suono della neve che scricchiola mentre si cammina( cosi cammino a passi piccoli per sentirla piĆ¹ spesso)

Quando trovi il canale radio che si sente perfettamente.

Quando dopo una serata fuori, gli amici ti riaccompagnano davanti alla porta di casa per essere sicuri che rientri senza problemi( e poi ti mandano un sms per confermare)

Un abbraccio e auguri a tutti

Monday, December 21, 2009

Katy Perry - Hot and Cold (Cover)

These guys from Ukraina gifted me with a huge smile today.
I love their version of Katy Perry!

Questi ragazzi dell' Ucraina mi hanno fatto sorridere e ridere un sacco,la loro versione della canzone di Katy Perry meritava veramente di menzionarla sul blog.

Un bacio a tutti!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Time for changes again

Thanks to the author of this picture: Davide del Giudice.
Now it is that time of year were I need changes inside and outside.
I have this feeling that it is happening all over the world, and that there are needs of improvement.
I am in the middle of a demonstration for the Climate conference in Copenhagen, I can hear it from my chair. I feel the resoluteness of the young people like me who are fighting for what they believe is right.
The world is not yet at peace, the world is still governed by greed and desire of power only. Not for the good of people.Not for us!

In any case I was deeply moved last Saturday, when I saw all these pictures of people all over the world sympathising with our Italian politics situation.