Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I have to share the link to this angelic music and tell you the story behind it.
last week I went to Prague for a few days of holiday.The two weeks before that I had a melody in my head that I knew was somehow related to Prague and that I had heard at school when I was 12.
Then last Wednesday my plane ( no...not Easyjet but Czech Airlines) landed in Prague and the speakers of the plane suddenly started to play this!!!!!What a coincidence!!!
I immediately went to ask the flight attendant for the name of the composer.

I have real shivers when I listen to this,this music really transports me back in time and I have the feeling that I am seeing what Smetana was seeing when composing this. It is truely like living it!It almost feels like a drug.

The emotions linked to this melody are wonderful.
Please experience this with me and share this beauty around.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Real luxury!

A lot of people want to have more, more and more. More things, objects to fill their lives.The way the society we live in, has been created is such that importance is given to things.
Things to do
things to own
conversations on things to have and buy
I have had the feeling recently that things own us and I have actually started to draw a picture with axactly that meaning.
We fill our lives to become SATURATED of things.
Somehow I have realised in the last few years that things do not really make me happy, on the contrary all these things in my life almost make me feel suffocated.

The only luxury that you can grant yourself is TIME.
This society asks us to fill our lives with things to do and see and own and buy.
TIME to think, do nothing,just lay around has become extremely rare. Very precious.
Time is the real luxury.
Time to do nothing at all.
Time to just live and experience that you are living.

Take your time, you can decide to have all the free time that you want.
You just have to stop and look at time.