Sunday, March 31, 2013

Long journey- My week of discoveries

I write this post from Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Thailand where I am since yesterday.
My final destination is a place called Chiang Rai, where I'll spend 5weeks in a special centre dedicated to meditation/yoga and mindfulness.
I have much to say and i don't know where to start.
Yes first: I love the sun, i love the heat! Going from a snowy Amsterdam with 2degrees Celsius on Friday to this 33degrees Celsius, and incredible heat is quite overwhelming for the body but i still prefer to be sweating than to be freezing. It is just this thing that SUN makes me smile, makes me feel in a good mood, healthy, full of life.Maybe it is more contact with the environment around, the wind, the sun they all touch one's skin more, with less clothes on. Same thing for walking with open shoes or flip-flops, you feel a better contact with the ground.
So i have started the project of "one picture a day"on my twitter and have uploaded the first picture
(today indeed).
Thai people inspire me for their easiness and joy, they smile often, they laugh and joke often.
Even if they don't speak so good English, they manage to communicate and make you understand and understand quite well what you are saying.
And I finally tried that fresh coconut juice today, aaah delicious!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Myspace please change? ( My week of discoveries)

So the neverending story with myspace, they do not change the website and it is heavy. heavy to navigate. And they have a very ANNOYING PLAYLIST SYSTEM, because even if you select your music, once your selection ends,one of their random tracks start playing and believe me some STAFF out there is not NICE to the ear.Or maybe it is the way the sound is does not equalize...
i do not know and frankly i have to investigate and give serious feedback to myspace, because i try to be on the site the LEAST possible because of the ANNOYING random playing of that STAFF. Ok sorry i stop the ranting.
But i was on myspace to check the website of this lovely singer songwriter that i spoke about last week from somewhere in Australia and touring Amsterdam. I went to the intimate concert a few days ago....she made a kind of partnership with the company BMO which sounds like a record company but it stands for Blue Mountains Originals which is a brand of shoes and boots originary of the Blue Mountains Region in Australia. This is an interesting form of advertisement, where music and other products meet. The company BMO had sponsored the venue for the launch of her debut album, a cosy place with pianobar in downtown Amsterdam.
This is a picture of last Tuesday at the concert of Coby Grant.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Castor Oil,( my week of discoveries)

Since I have discovered the website of the Australian radio TripleJ dedicated to emerging artists from OZ, their website is a bookmark that gets clicked at least once a week and listen to their new charts and often comment and rate when i find something worth saying good things about or also advices...
Then there is my weekly check of the world of Couchsurfing to find there also pearls of indie-everything from news, to artists, to things to do and way of life.
So the band from Western Au. #Needingcherie deserves some attention. I twitted them. I played them a lot and their sound is quite unique. Makes me think of those blue and red parrots that i saw flying on my head while i was trekking to a waterfall in New South Wales, just 2 months ago...
>>>That's me indeed at THAT waterfall. But i can't find a picture of the bird and i have now realized for the first time i don't have those pictures.

And tonight i go to the concert( i am actually on the guestlist) of a singer,songwriter from Perth named COBY Grant and i am quite excited. She was advertising her show on couchsurfing and i felt connected to her, as she is doing in reverse what i want to do. Go to the other side of the world and with a small budget do a promotion tour of my music.
So tonight i go to see her play live.
The castor oil is the oil i bought to repair my skin from really shitty cold weather in Amsterdam, which i got just this morning, on a cold rainy day at 10am near the canals...and i did not have gloves on.Castor oil is really soothing and well....musicians don't just live of music.But also of i write this i am enjoying the nice chocolate cake that a friend of mine baked for my return at her place after my 10days in Copenhagen...How sweet, her and the cake itself!
So i discovered today that castor oil is translated into "olio di ricino"in Italian.But "castoro"in Italian is a beever....and not the plant. In the translation world, these type of words are called "faux-amis". Castor oil, a very dense consistency, very  different from the much lighter almond oil.
BUT last week i wrote a new song, called "hundred things"and it does NOT talk at all about castor oil, or shitty weather or cakes. Nothing of that. But the song is still in process,i feel i want to add a 3part to the song and experiment in adding layers of music. I may work on it with a friend this week and the song will be born!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Inner discoveries 12.3.2013, My mind and its quest for perfection

I am living, you are living in a particular time of history: 2013. The Pope abdicated, the Dutch Queen Beatrix abdicated and this is a big thing for the Netherlands where I am living.
Their national holiday called Queensday, by decades fixated at the date of April 30, will CHANGE into Kingsday and moved to April 27.
In Italy, my home country, we had elections 20days ago and the political and economical situation is still not clear and unstable.
I wrote a new song last month called "Children of the sun"and it is a song full of hopes and positive vibes for this world.
In this period of my life, several things have changed and i have lived in a nomadic way, without a stable home for the past 3months. That has been both unsettling/stressful and also interesting as i have lived with different friends and their flatmates and that gives you and leaves you something, a trace. Everyone has different habits/uses/priorities and it is so fascinating to see these differencies...but i also end up trying to find the "right"way, and this is when i don't like the workings of my mind and i realize i want to work on my mind to be more relaxed and flexible.
But as of now, my mind is still very uncertain, trying to find rules for everything so that she is not unsecure, so that she can be sure to do the right thing all the time, without hurting others.
I realize my mind has been working like that forever, building inside of me tons of rules and expectations that i had to fulfill, making "life"in itself a static process with lots of deadlines that i had to comply with. Criticizing everything and wanting perfection in everything....wanting one only way for everything....
And all this of course, has finished for stressing me like crazy...for making my life unpleasant.
So slowly i'm going through this journey,trying to calm my mind, trying to find a new definition of life, making her understand that lots of people live happily without the same stupid rules that she/it thinks she should comply to.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Inner discoveries 02.03.13

I have been playing since October with Charlie,Dave and Sahiela, in our band called "D. and the Badhouse"and in the time of a few months we have created a really compact group with a lot of energy on stage, open communication and lot's of engagement from everybody.
I have felt really lucky to perform with them, and feel their love and enthousiasm for making music together. I have to thank them, for the 4concerts that we had had in the small amounts of time and rehearsals often until midnight.
I have loved every second of it. Every repetition of the same song again and again,
the constructive chats on how to ends or attack songs and the making setlists for the concerts while having a quick bite all together, in a cosy cafe'somewhere in the winter of Amsterdam.
The video i linked to, is our last performance, a gig a Cafe'CCmuziek in February. 
The only downpit of the place is the non-existance help in adjusting the in both the two times we played there, we had to do sound-checks during the first 3songs of our gig, asking the public if they could hear our microphones or if some instrument was too loud. This interaction with the audience is actually quite pleasant, it creates some compliciy with the listeners and i sincerely liked that i had to do it. But it may be hard along the gig, to still have a good sound if someone is not constantly adjusting it, which may mean a complete change in the quality of the gig.
So, i would say of all the videos of the night, the performance of the video above is the one with the best sound quality and we had an awesome gig with a great atmosphere( as you can hear from the screams of the audience)  and lots of friends. A long night, ended with spaghetti with garlic at 3am and a long bike ride home at 4 am, with a heavy snow storm. Yes a real snow storm, so heavy i had to cover my eyes with one hand, because the flakes of snow were hitting me and i could barely see.
Nevertheless i could not help from cycling home, in the storm, in the cold, avoiding to slide my bike on the ice and i was realizing how lucky i am to be living this.
To be sharing with people the miracle of music.