Saturday, June 20, 2009

In the forest: Foresta Umbra

During my summer holiday 2 weeks ago, I visited so many nice landscapes and wild places in the region where my dad is from: Puglia. Puglia is the what we call the heel of the Italian boot. My dad is wrong the zone of Gargano, which has an incredible lake,with a thin layer of land ( 1 km) that separates it from clean seas and huge beaches.Gargano has as well a big national park called # Foresta Umbra# with deers,wild boars and other animals.
I was there and the trees were incredibly huge.Very special, the atmosphere was somehow magical, very silent. The smell of the underwood was musky and it even smelled of raspberries! ( big bushes of raspberries where near us, although the fruits still had to come out).

Here are some images.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

DO you need to buy new things?

Please check the video and this website

this incredible woman decided to investigate on the chain of production-consumption that we all live every day.
Please learn to be aware of what this means for our planet.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

La belle verte The green beautiful

I was crying in several parts of this movie.It feels strange to say it but it is been several months that I start to have more and more the urge to abandon all material things, to keep only a handful of absolutely necessary things. To only spend my time in the nature and meditating.To consume less, eat less.

I also have the feeling, which is growing more and more, that all this society we live in, is wrong. That I was once living in a different way, that I was walking barefeet all the time,that I would communicate with plants.
That I would wake up to a rising sun and fall asleep in a field with a roof of stars.
That I would not fear anything because there would be nothing to fear.
That the future would only bring joy and yet the future would not matter because time would not have a beginning or an end.
That I would look from the top of a mountain and only see green and natural landscapes for as far as my eyes could see.
That I would never feel alone even when there was no one at sight.

Monday, June 8, 2009


I am still on holiday in Italy,my mother country. The first thing that always strike me when I arrive is getting back to my old things, my old room and my old friends!
It gives me first a sense of sadness, of things that pass and change and times that do not come back.
But this time I actually decided to clean my room of all those old things,that are really not necessary. Because lingering with the things of the past take away time and energy to live the present.
The past is gone and the present is here.