Saturday, March 2, 2013

Inner discoveries 02.03.13

I have been playing since October with Charlie,Dave and Sahiela, in our band called "D. and the Badhouse"and in the time of a few months we have created a really compact group with a lot of energy on stage, open communication and lot's of engagement from everybody.
I have felt really lucky to perform with them, and feel their love and enthousiasm for making music together. I have to thank them, for the 4concerts that we had had in the small amounts of time and rehearsals often until midnight.
I have loved every second of it. Every repetition of the same song again and again,
the constructive chats on how to ends or attack songs and the making setlists for the concerts while having a quick bite all together, in a cosy cafe'somewhere in the winter of Amsterdam.
The video i linked to, is our last performance, a gig a Cafe'CCmuziek in February. 
The only downpit of the place is the non-existance help in adjusting the in both the two times we played there, we had to do sound-checks during the first 3songs of our gig, asking the public if they could hear our microphones or if some instrument was too loud. This interaction with the audience is actually quite pleasant, it creates some compliciy with the listeners and i sincerely liked that i had to do it. But it may be hard along the gig, to still have a good sound if someone is not constantly adjusting it, which may mean a complete change in the quality of the gig.
So, i would say of all the videos of the night, the performance of the video above is the one with the best sound quality and we had an awesome gig with a great atmosphere( as you can hear from the screams of the audience)  and lots of friends. A long night, ended with spaghetti with garlic at 3am and a long bike ride home at 4 am, with a heavy snow storm. Yes a real snow storm, so heavy i had to cover my eyes with one hand, because the flakes of snow were hitting me and i could barely see.
Nevertheless i could not help from cycling home, in the storm, in the cold, avoiding to slide my bike on the ice and i was realizing how lucky i am to be living this.
To be sharing with people the miracle of music.

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