Thursday, April 5, 2012

My week of discoveries

This week I have been working on a new version of the kompoz song BLUE SKIES, both in terms of singing, adding some bluesy feeling and in terms of lyrics, i am confident it will sound nice, here is the instrumental version
I visited an interesting place called Lev Kaupas where I was totally inspired by the movement #givingissharing born from the idea of giving 2 Festival tickets for free as a present to whoever, through the ad on a newspaper. That was done by Jeroen and he attracted lots of emails of people inspired, touched by him, and also companies that....wanted to actually follow his example and give! So now this guy is helping these companies to do that!
I also found out, how to do my new favourite drink, which is made of fermented kefir grains and next thing I am going to do is to learn how to do it :-)
Then I am reading on eating flowers! Healthy and tasty flowers, but i did not know they were so much...42? I only knew roses and the squash flowers that we eat in Italy( stuffed with filling or fried, yummi so delicious!)