Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Time to find a new goal for us humans

I have been wondering lately about the way happiness works for us humans and if that is related to a purpose in life and to motivation. My thought is yes. I think we all search and need a purpose in our life, a purpose that makes us want to actually get out of bed in the morning and do something and spend our time doing something, because it must mean something.

Yesterday evening i watched a documentary about Chinese workers and their much less lucky working conditions compared to us in Europe: one woman was working in her farm for 15 hours each day, managing barely to live of it, while her husband works in town and they only meet in the week ends.
Another young girl was working in a factory from 6 am to 6pm and was not allowed to speak with her colleagues, nobody was allowed to speak with the others, for the whole 12 hours. She had a bed in a 15square meters room that she was sharing with other 3 girls. She only had Sunday off and she thought she was lucky and had a good life.
A woman and a man worked in a big town 600 miles from their hometown, they had to work so many hours that could not take care of their children who were 6years old. The kids remained in the village with their parents. Even if the distance was of 600 miles, they had only time to see their children once a year, for Xmas.
To me their life conditions, especially of the last couple, were not satisfactory but I remember the bits of life  told me her and there by my grandmother and the fact that she too did not know what a holiday is and did not know what a hobby is, since everything that she kept herself busy with in her life ( and still today, 92,she is alive and kicking!) were activities need for living or surviving, from cooking, to farming, to knitting,sewing and recycling. Even scraps of newspapers.
Maybe today, with our life rhythms were our job is actually doing work for others and not seeing the results in our practice, if not at the end of the month, in the form of the salary, we are not anymore connected with the purpose of our work. Or maybe we just have enough time to wonder about that.
Or maybe we have lost the purpose, the main goal that we want in our life.
In the case of my grandmother, it was purely surviving and raising 4 kids. The society was made up like that, the other families were functioning in the same way and there was no possibility or luxury to actually stop and think how worse it could get or wondering what was the purpose of all that hard work.
Then people were more religious and believed in some sort of divine justice and once again all the people of the classes had the feeling they belonged to those classes and were getting a sense of the purpose even by the class itself.

I have the feeling that in our world, society of today, at least in the western countries, the multiplicity of life dynamics and the less connection with the environment, has made us more unclear of where we are going or why we should be going towards a goal. And we are also less religious so also the rules, and somehow securities given by the dogmas of the religion do not reassure us anymore, do not make us anymore part of a community and with a sense.

But maybe it is a good thing.
If the purposes of our lives are so fixedly established by the government ( with social classes) and religion, and the community itself in which we live, then we have certainly not much space for our own desires, if we are able to see further from what has only been presented to us, as a chance.
When all the rules are set, and they are quite fixed and quite clear, you can only play a limited choice of moves.
But if the rules are more vague, or not as many, then we have certainly more freedom.
Freedom also implies more responsibility and more need of information in order to form one's real choices. Choices that are less influenced by the choices of other people and more by our desires.

So our problems as humans all come back to the same question, our purpose.
If you have chosen the religion, your God will have established rules and purposes for you, this will male your life regulated and you can wake up in the morning, thinking that living this life and then dying in 80 years make sense because God said so and will give you eternal life if you continue it.

If you have chosen your job or your family, these will be points motivating your stepping out of the bed in the morning and being active.

But what if, you need to have SOMETHING ELSE to motivate you?
What if, all that, does not satisfy you or convince you enough?

Maybe it is time for a new human paradigm,  maybe it is time for us humans to find a new goal.
Or to push our knowledge further, we should have more scientists and more philosophers, more researchers in all fields, to come with some new possibilities, about,

what are we living for?
why are we here?
what is awaiting us if anything?

Nel mondo occidentale di oggi, il senso di un obiettivo per cui vivere e motivarsi al mattino quando ci si alza dal letto si appanna sempre di piu'. Le classi sociali che un tempo creavano un senso di appartenenza si diversificano e la religione che un tempo rappresentava per molti, un elemento motivante,perde sempre pi'u importanza e contenuto. 
Un tempo i nostri obiettivi o motivazioni esistenziali erano anche influenzati dalla comunita' per cui molto poco rimaneva veramente da scegliere, questo dava anche poca liberta' ma il non essendone coscienti faceva si che per i piu' non fosse un disagio, in quanto non avevo necessita' si uscire dalle possibili alternative che conoscevano. Oggi invece si ha bisogno di nuovi paradigmi e possibili scopi di vita. Se la religione, le classi sociali e la comunita' ci influenzano di meno e non corrispondono piu' al nostro senso di identita' oggi all' essere umano servono piu' ricerca per creare nuovi paradigmi e per avvicinarsi di piu' alle risposte delle domande " perch'e viviamo? perche' siamo qui? che cosa ci attende, se ci attende qualcosa? ".

Friday, March 19, 2010

Change it all, for the better

I left Sellaband  the website I was using to crowdsource my album.
I did it because it was not managed correctly, the fees were too high for a very small payback, and the only thing that was worth it was the forum, but that is thanks to some nice people and supporters, not to the website itself.

I have a few ideas including charity projects, concerts and distributing my music for free.
I will consider all this and come up with something :-)

stay tuned

Ho lasciato sellaband   il sito che avevo iniziato ad usare per finanziare il mio album, non era gestito bene e il loro onorario √© stato alzato un mese fa sproporzionatamente a quello che offrivano, quasi nulla, in ricambio.
Ho molte idee, alcuni progetti includono concerti, progetti di beneficenza e distribuzione della mia musica gratis.

a Presto rimanere sintonizzati

Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Fairy Tale

It is things like that that make me love the can meet fantastic people.
Michiko Yoshida is designer of Happy Fairy Tale, who makes great jewels.
I will be soon interviewed by Michiko on her blog!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Maybe one day...

Dreaming of wind in the hair while riding new waves...silent nights sleeping with the sea and deep evenings lulled by the sundown.
Thousands of stars for a ceiling...
One day. One day.
Just like my last name says.

Un giorno.Un giorno.Cosi come dice il mio cognome.
Sogni di sere in cui il soffitto sono le stelle. E di notti passate insieme al mare e al vento del mare.
Un giorno...

Friday, February 26, 2010

New song, finished today on

Glad to welcome a new song in my repertoire..
To BE downloaded for free!

Lyrics here:

It is difficult to talk to you   E’ difficile parlarti
And to explain to you           poi ancora di piu’ spiegarti
About these feelings                        di questi sentimenti
My numerous events                        I miei numerosi eventi
My story does not matter            La mia storia non ha piu’
Anymore                                     alcuna importanza


Everything around me is breathing                        Tutto intorno a me respira
And it mixes and mingles with colours              e si mescola di colore
and light                                                            e di luce                                                                       
Everything around you  is breathing            Tutto intorno a te respira
And it mixes and mingles with colours              e si mescola di colore
and light                                                            e di luce

What did we ever think we understood            Che cosa abbiamo mai creduto
About living?                                                            Di capire del vissuto
Its nuances were always there                        Le sfumature erano sempre li
For us to see them                                                perche’ le vedessimo


Everything around me is breathing                        Tutto intorno a me respira
And it mixes and mingles with colours              e si mescola di colore
and light                                                            e di luce                                                                       
Everything around me is breathing                        Tutto intorno a me respira
And it mixes and mingles with colours              e si mescola di colore
and light                                                            e di luce

My story does not matter            La mia storia non ha piu’
Anymore                                     alcuna importanza
The body is only a structure                        Il corpo solo una strutture
To protect the soul                                    per proteggere l’ anima
At the end you can even                        I dolori sono poi
Stand the pains                                    sopportabili oramai
… with colours and light                        ..di colore e di luce

Sharing beauty for the soul, a favourite of mine since I was 12 years old

This song. I used to listen to this music from the Native Americans a lot when I was a teenager. I really felt a connection. No there was no Britney Spears or Madonna for me, but this music.I loved it, it transcended my everyday life.It made me feel like a free eagle in the sky.
Look at the images and then listen only to the music,can´t you feel a connection?

Ascoltavo questa canzone quando avevo 12 anni, non Britney Spears o Madonna, ma queste musiche degli indiani d´America. Guarda le immagini, poi chiudi gli occhi e ascolta...non ti senti come un´aquila che sorvola immensi spazi?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Legends of the others...

Source at the bottom

I was browsing the net, listening to podcasts and getting new ideas from twitter and blog
and I stubled on this....
the question is
tell us a quote of something related to your ancestors
the replies are amazing and interesting,
some are:

Kristina says:
The Polish side of my family buried all of their wealth before fleeing Poland. The older generations say that they were *very* wealthy and always thought that they’d return to find it…except no one knows where this supposed treasure trove is. My Mom and I always say that she’s a princess and I’m a princess-in-waiting because we clearly come from royalty and if we could only find that loot….
I also like to think about someone buying whatever property my family use to have and digging a hole for a garden or pond or something and finding a stash of jewels.

When I was a teen in the 1970s I learned my family had a tenuous connection to the Salem Witch Trials. I leaped on that bit of information and told people I was descendant from a witch, not really taking into consideration the horror of those trials, or the fact that innocent people died because of such stupidity. Many years later I learned that the distant relative was Ann Putnum, one of the young girls who started the hysteria (she would later express remorse for her part in the trials). I had long since stopped commenting about the witch in my family, and I never did trace the accuracy of the lineage, but I did feel pains of sorrow for my previous ignorance and boasting.

Jennifer S. says:
My father is fond of telling me about the black sheep of our family, somewhere back in the line who wrote and published a version of the Bible, which was deemed by the English King at the time (I have my suspicions as to which one) to be blasphemous and subsequently banned. Apparently there’s a copy left in a museum somewhere in Europe. And so I am able to trace my creative writing genes…

Girando per internet, mentre ascolto dei podcast e cerco ispirazione dai blog ho trovato questo post, interessante,
qui la domanda 'e # quale frase ti ricordi essere riferita ai tuoi predecessori?#
alcune delle storie sono incredibili.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010


Hi everyone,

I have a lovely item that was given to me as a gift and unfortunately does not fit me.I am happy to give it away as a present to someone. The winner will be chosen the days after March 15th, so you all have time until March 15th to participate.
This ring is hand crafted, in shades of bronze,gold and silver.
Absolutely stunning and precious.

The rules for accumulating points are:

Compulsory and basic entry:
go to my page and register for the newsletter
Extra points:
Become a follower of my blog   1 point
Become a friend on myspace  and send a message about my website to your friends
1 point ( must provide link)
Become a follower on twitter and twitt about this competition  1 point ( must provide link)
30 points   go to the website   register  then go to and click on FUND this artist, become a supporter of my debut album
( must provide username of sellaband as a proof)

GOOD LUCK to you all!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I am a big supporter of not throwing everything away,but keeping them or exchanging them with other people.

I will post this week pictures of my latest finds on flea markets, buy for much much less things that people would throw away but that you need!

Sono una grande sostenitrice del riuso e recupero e del non buttar via nulla.Adoro fare giri ai mercati delle pulci, mettero' presto delle foto degli ultimi affari fatti.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

WHY do I like BLOGS?

I like blogs,to discover new great people in the world, there are so many interesting blogs of people around the globe who are intelligent,creative,passionate,original,strong and beautiful.
People like:

I gave you quite some reading!!!

Mi piace leggere i blog, e cosi scoprire tante persone nel mondo interessanti,intelligenti,creative,originali,forti e belle.
Vi lascio alcuni link interessanti!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

V-log 2: Sellaband,Easyjet,free mp3 and twitter

NEW v-log recorded some days ago and it took me some time to FIND THE TIME to edit bad!
Speak soon

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rice recycling at breakfast

We did some sushi days ago, too much rice was left over and I thought it was such a pity to throw it away...
I added some nice coconut milk,sugar,and pieces of banana and I had it for breakfast!it was lovely!
This is it:

Avevamo fatto il sushi per cena e troppo riso era avanzato cosi ho riciclato aggiungendo latte di cocco,zucchero e banana ed 'e venuto un' ottimo piatto per la colazione...buonissimo!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What do you mean?

I had to share this...too funny!

 Dovevo condividere...
" Cosa intendi con vai a portarglielo a Hogwarts?Perché non possiamo semplicemente mandargli per email sta dannata cosa?"

Sunday, January 10, 2010

ODE to the Dutch

Hey guys,
one thing you do not know about yet is my love for the Dutch people,their language,heritage,culture and their country.

How did this start dates back to 1998,I fell in love with a Dutch guy and from there I was never separated from this country, spiritually. I learnt most of the Dutch that I know by myself,then took courses at the University and won a scholarship that let me study there for one year.
I lived from 2001 to 2002 in Noord Amsterdam,an almost countryside neighbourhood of Amsterdam.
I used to cycle 6 kilometres to the river IJ, that crosses Amsterdam, take a free ferry to the railway station,Amsterdaam Centraal Station and then cycle again,everywhere,with every type of weather and rain, that Holland never lacks of.
The funny things about this all is that..when I set foot in Holland for the first time I felt at home. Everytime I go to Holland I smell something in the air that tells me "likes it". Dutch was for me, the easiest language to learn, of course my pronunciation is foreigner and I have an accent but damn I love to hear it.
Now I am sending an ode to the Dutch again,because in my adventure of finding new fans on the Internet,I just get so much warm,friendly and open feedback from Dutch fans.

But thank you also for the following;
Dutch fries
Hoegaarden (!!!!love it)
Satey sauce
Honey liquorice...Honning drop
Van Gogh,in fact my favourite painter since I was 15
Anne Frank and her diary, the one that I was keeping by my bed and reading every night from the age 11 to the age 14
Dutch bike with the curved handle( so beautiful,robust and fast)
Amsterdam,for me the most charming town in the world
My Dutch prof Mr Wijnen, one of the most good at heart people I have met.

And these are some pictures courtesy of Holandia and Mike Opperman from Flickr.
The place is one of my favourite in Holland, a village called Zaanse Schans.
When you get there you will feel like this village is not real, but it comes from a fairytale.

As soon as you step from the train, a parfume of chocolate wraps you up( they have a chocolate factory that's why) and then...windmills,oldhouses with those gardens,bridges etc.Zaanse Schans is where I tasted my first Dutch pancake.
Make sure you visit it one day and let me know how you felt. I love that place is it a real fairytale place.

Ode agli olandesi e al loro meraviglioso paese.
Ode alla loro ospitalita' e a come mi sono sempre sentita a casa,ode alla loro birra Hoegaarden,ai loro artisti e alla loro lingua.
Immagini di Zaanse Schans, uno dei miei posti preferiti in Olanda, un paesino che profuma di cioccolata dove ho mangiato il mio primo pannekoek olandese.
Grazie a tutti i fans che sto scoprendo avere in Olanda.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I follow daily treehugger as well as many other blogs and websites about environmental issues.
Today treehugger published the pic this new species of crab found near Taiwan!!!
sometimes reality overcomes phantasy!!!

Can we make things right?
I hope to win the contest to go to the Davos Forum and speak out my ideas....
here is the video...

Hanno scoperto un granchio fragola vicino a Taiwan! La fantasia supera la realt'a a volte!
Ed ecco il mio ultimo video, su come cambierei il mondo in meglio.Magari vinco il concorso e vado a Davos,all'incontro internazionale in Svizzera.

Un bacio a tutti