Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My weeks of discoveries, biodanza and Koh Chang

I am struggling at the moment to keep the blog up-to-date with regularity because I am really spending most of my time just living in the present, meditating and keeping my eyes open to see and experience all that life is giving me at the moment.
Finding reliable internet is sometimes time-consuming also.
I am spending a few days in the wonderful tropical island of the Elephant, called Koh Chang, 5 hours drive and 50minutes ferry from Bangkok.
I was pleasantly surprised to see wild monkey near the hut that i rented, and for 15minutes i couldn't help but staring at them,in total love and amazement. Those little hands catching coconuts and their movements while eating, so human-like. Their ability at balancing on branches and letting themself fall down or pull up the lyaenas.
But exciting 2 weeks ago was our session of biodanza and dance mandala at New Life Foundation, an experience in letting go of emotions and using the music and dance as healing power.
One of my favourite exercises/dance was one where you stand on one leg and use one hand to create what you want ( left hand) and with the right you cut away what you don't want. So you use the right hand as a sword and at the same time you scream "ah ah"and you increase the rhythm and screams.
I loved it, and felt very relieved and happy after i did it.
In general I certainly went out of my comfort zone since many parts of the dancing required quite close contact or eye-contact with people. I loved dancing barefeet, it is so much me!
And this is us at New Life Foundation, moving to the sound during our Sunday morning biodanza which also meant: drinking circa 3 litres of water....so hot and humid!>>>>