Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday in Australia, first 2weeks

So little time and so much running around, backpacking with huge bags, playing guitar on the beach, avoiding blue bottles jellyfishes, meeting locals, checking kangoroos, admiring surfers, complaining on the high price of alcohol and cigarettes...BUSY BUSY BUSY! But i think i could live in Australia,
this experience is making me so happy and enriching are some pics of the last 2weeks!
 Me feeding Kangaroos in a Farm near Newcastle, in New South Wales
Spent Sunday in the famous Bondi Beach, lots of was weird: rainy,sunny and then a wonderful rainbow appeared!

I'll come back soon with more stories of my adventures and more pictures

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Countdown minus 10

So the countdown has started and in 10 days I will fly to Australia, a trip I have been wanting to do for more than 10 years....oh yes! I can't wait to see everything, trying all the exotic food, hearing the Aussie accents, having breakfast with vegemite on toast, hearing good rock music on the radio ( because Silverchair is one of my favourite bands)and tanning smelling the ocean!
So much to do, i booked one month but i may extend it depending on how good i feel there :-)
My trip will start with Sydney, then I'll go North towards Nimbin. At the end i want to go south to the Blue Mountains or Melbourne. And then a last week ik Sydney.
I am planning to do a charity event for the charity based in Amsterdam that I work with.
But we are still in the planning phase....UHOH!
I have created a little project for Australia, basically I will start to do Vidlogs of what happened during the day or the week...depending on my schedule!
I have already signed up for one jam session/open stage in Sydney, so that's gonna be exciting!
But the exciting hasn't finished because next week Tuesday night I'm going to have a gig with my band and this is the poster of the event, going now. I'm off to rehearsals