Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Castor Oil,( my week of discoveries)

Since I have discovered the website of the Australian radio TripleJ dedicated to emerging artists from OZ, their website is a bookmark that gets clicked at least once a week and listen to their new charts and often comment and rate when i find something worth saying good things about or also advices...
Then there is my weekly check of the world of Couchsurfing to find there also pearls of indie-everything from news, to artists, to things to do and way of life.
So the band from Western Au. #Needingcherie deserves some attention. I twitted them. I played them a lot and their sound is quite unique. Makes me think of those blue and red parrots that i saw flying on my head while i was trekking to a waterfall in New South Wales, just 2 months ago...
>>>That's me indeed at THAT waterfall. But i can't find a picture of the bird and i have now realized for the first time i don't have those pictures.

And tonight i go to the concert( i am actually on the guestlist) of a singer,songwriter from Perth named COBY Grant and i am quite excited. She was advertising her show on couchsurfing and i felt connected to her, as she is doing in reverse what i want to do. Go to the other side of the world and with a small budget do a promotion tour of my music.
So tonight i go to see her play live.
The castor oil is the oil i bought to repair my skin from really shitty cold weather in Amsterdam, which i got just this morning, on a cold rainy day at 10am near the canals...and i did not have gloves on.Castor oil is really soothing and well....musicians don't just live of music.But also of cakes...as i write this i am enjoying the nice chocolate cake that a friend of mine baked for my return at her place after my 10days in Copenhagen...How sweet, her and the cake itself!
So i discovered today that castor oil is translated into "olio di ricino"in Italian.But "castoro"in Italian is a beever....and not the plant. In the translation world, these type of words are called "faux-amis". Castor oil, a very dense consistency, very  different from the much lighter almond oil.
BUT last week i wrote a new song, called "hundred things"and it does NOT talk at all about castor oil, or shitty weather or cakes. Nothing of that. But the song is still in process,i feel i want to add a 3part to the song and experiment in adding layers of music. I may work on it with a friend this week and the song will be born!

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