Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ghosts or surprises in the closet?

How many things you forgot you own?
Yesterday I was making order in my closet,that is always a big mess and I got some surprises! In fact I found a few items that I had forgotten to own, or forgot where they were.
Item number 1:
a brown leather bag,very 70´s that I got for present 1 year ago for my birthday.When I got it I was not so crazy about it so I decided to stuff it in the closet for a “possible future use” but now I see a charming look to it, so I guess I am going to use it soon.

Item number 2: a black leather belt, quite short but of good quality and it will go well with my new trousers,that are a little bit too large in the waist.

Item number 3: a golden plastic glittering belt( kind of for kids)that looks quite naïve and kitsch at the same time and will revive some of my more serious vintage dresses.

Item number 4: a pair of black trousers, that I couldn´t find for the past 6months, they are perfect for the winter and the wear is smooth and comfortable, so I will use them quite often!

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