Saturday, February 14, 2009

THE WORLD NEEDS MORE LOVE, don't give it all for granted, then you will become happier

Today checking in the online community ipower,that I am member of, I entered a discussion on the forum post: everything is amazing yet nobody is perfect.

I have to say that it gives much food for thought and I totally share the ideas. We are so much into the things built by our society that we do not realize how great they are.We have all,1000 types of gadgets, objects to fulfill any possible necessity yet we are never happy.
And us, in the western world,we have all that we really need:
we have food,we have a shelter
and if we work on it we have love. And these main three things are all that we need.Can't we just realise it? And relax? and use our type to make the rest of the world, the poor countries have the same three necessary things:
food, shelter and love ?

We should do this. It should be law, it should be advertized everywhere.It should be as a message in cartoons. On the packages of food.
yet it is not.
I have made a video called:

youtube needs more love

The conversation on ipower was related to this video:

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