Sunday, February 15, 2009


I came across five videos of Grant Morrison (the comic writer of THE INVISIBLES)where he explained what he learnt from his encounter with aliens.
It takes time to watch them all (5 videos of 9mins each)thus I will summarize his points before posting the link:

1: The universe does not have space-time, space and time have been created to let our evolution proceed, though the illusion of space and time
2: the True self lies beyond space and time, so to say: our cells change all the time, are you the same you were when you were 10 or 12 years old?How come you think you are but in reality your mind has changed and your body has changed?
3:Individuality does not exist, we all are part of the nature, we are nature, we are just ONE whole thing.
4: When people tell you that " that's the way I am that's how I do it" that's basically bullshit bc we change all the time.
5: We have been told that each of us is different and that we are truly ourselves, but indeed no-one knows what that really means, no-one can explain.
6: If we reverse this process and we realize that we are all one thing, things could change. For centuries people have been doing wars and argue for preserving themselves. But if there is no "themselves" but only US all together, then there is no need for wars. Then we can all evolve together.
7: An adult man has such does not exist.We are still evolving like a foetus in the womb, we are at the latest stage, the stage where the liquid inside the womb is getting toxic and we need to be expelled out of the womb, to be the REAL SELF. To be born for real.
8: With our mind, with our will combined with the power of words we can make things happen. We can re-program the reality to make things happen.

This is the link

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