Sunday, March 1, 2009

Minimalism and Philip Glass

During my piano class the other day my teacher told me that my song " Spaceman" or "Uomo dello spazio" ( the same song has two versions one in Italian and one in English) reminds him of a work of Philip Glass.
Philip Glass was a musician of the 20th century that created the musical style of MINIMALISM.

According to wikipedia, minimalism is: an originally American genre of experimental or Downtown music named in the 1960s based mostly in consonant harmony, steady pulse (if not immobile drones), stasis and slow transformation, and often reiteration of musical phrases or smaller units such as figures, motifs, and cells. Starting in the early 1960s as a scruffy underground scene in San Francisco alternative spaces and New York lofts, minimalism spread to become the most popular experimental music style of the late 20th century.

I was somehow honoured to have created a song that sounded similar to what this guy created! and now I know something more

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