Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A different meaning for the same word: FRIENDSHIP

What is the value of friendship for you? I think I have a deep and loyal sense of friendship but so to say, I found out many times that for as much as I liked a person and consider this person a friend,well at a certain point I got hit by the realization that the concept of our friendship for this person is not the same as mine.
So to say, all can be seen from different perspectives so If I think a friend did not behave as a friend should, but this person thinks he/she did behave like a friend at all times, how can conflicts be solved?
I am in a situation for which,I am trying to get into someone´s else perspective, that this person actually did not behave wrongly and hurt me but how can the logic make the heart change its mind?
And should I follow my normal instincts of following the heart or instead try to solve the situation in the logical and more practical way? Even if this means,getting into compromises with my own principles?

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