Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Me, the ex-blonde princess!!!

Yesterday morning I received a lovely email from a seller on ebay. We had sent each other a couple of emails because I bought a vintage jacket( one of my soft spots...vintage clothing...ooopssss) and in my signature there were my websites, youtube, myspace and sellaband.
So the seller replies back,Anastasia is her name telling me that she checked my website and then she starts writing so many things things that really made me feel well.
She said my music touched her heart and that she had no words to express what she was feeling then. she wrote that she agreed with my vision of life and that she found my videos amazing!

I have to tell you,t with so many people on youtube that only watch superficially or never bother to get to read your profile and really understand who you are, it was a very nice surprise to know of someone that,by accident saw my youtube page and decided to take the time to give me compliments and to read more deeply about me!!!

best wishes for the future to you Anastasia!

ps: the photo is me near a castle in Valle D'Aosta,Italy....the way I lived the experience at least!!!! In my own world!

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