Monday, January 19, 2009

How will 2009 be?

Some years, things haven´t gone so well to me. Like a disaster…for example 2007 was a year to forget for me.2007 has been a year in which not only I was confused about my abilities but I also met, sincerely speaking, people that were a negative influence, that drained out not only my energy but also my happiness.
I, in fact worked full-time for an American company headquartered in Montecarlo from November 2006 until May 2007 and although I think it is better to avoid mentioning the name on the Internet, this company who organizes top-level congresses all over the world, exploits its employees and literally brainwashes them with psychological pressures. The director(and owner),his wife and the office manager who is their best friends, are real psychos, so stereotyped that it seems like they are coming directly out of some weird movie. One of those where people get tortured or killed and there is no real explanation for that.And the tortured have no humanity.
By the way, sometimes I stumble on the blog of the director of this company( yes because in his self-centered idea that he can “make it (all)happen” he pollutes the web with his wise advices on how to work your butt off and be a slave to work in order to have power and money. And his young disciples believe that.

So,weird but true, I believe that the rest of 2007 was somehow spoilt because I still had all these horrible memories of that place. I am not sure how I got stuck there for 6 long months, it was mostly for necessity but It took me another 4months to clean my soul from the toxins of that place.
How infective that can be.
Now I know, that one should avoid certain situations, you cannot really live with it, it will penetrate you and mark you, even if you block it, it will still affect you.

My 2008 was very good, actually totally the opposite of 2007.Could it be that after the rain there is always the rainbow? It was for me, and the rainbow shined so brightly that it actually managed to make me see 2007 as a way to understand myself better and to overcome a similar situation in the future.
The brightness of 2008, I could feel was so strong that I knew it would continue during 2009
In fact, 2009 already started well….I have good music contacts…my youtube experience is going to the next level(when this is confirmed I will make a post for sure!!!)and in some inspirational moments (should I call them thunders of light?) on the first week of 2009, I came up with a lot of ideas for new videos and new songs.

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