Sunday, January 25, 2009

Today's emotion and delirium!

I was transforming my new video into the proper file for youtube, and this can take many minutes so I ended up switching on the TV ( It is very rare that i watch TV!!!!) and the first channel which is the Danish DR was showing a TV documentary about this family in Kurdistan who didn't learn to walk erect, cannot stand up but they walk on 4 (hands and feet).

It was emotional and almost made me cry, to see, these troup and doctors following the family who is being laughed at by the people of their village, who totally treat them as outsiders and make fun of them.The science has daughters and sonn't yet understood how it can be that mother and father can walk properly but the 4 daughters and son ( who must be around 30 years old)can't.
At the end the documentary was showing, how thanks to the assistance of doctors and rehabilitating therapies, the 4 people can now stand up and walk almost like any other adult in the world. It was touching to see them suffering and then to see their happiness and pride where they were making their first steps!!!!

By the way the video I was putting on youtube while watching this video does not talk about them. It talks about one of my favourite TV series "LOST" and it is my first attemps to use green key-chromer( I bought the green textile a few days ago!) and I suggest you go and check out! I am on the Lost island!
here it is!

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