Saturday, January 10, 2009

The first post of my second-ever blog

Two years ago I decided to open a blog called "I will be the new madonna" here on blogger...although after a while I just realised I don't care about being the new madonna at all.Sounds pretty stupid.It was a title that had impact but what I am and what I want is quite different from what it sounded like.

I soon didn't have much to write on it,I think I had the wrong approach on the whole blog thig, I could not be spontaneous and really write whatever was going through my head, I was trying to find interesting things to write although now I think that everything that we live or write can be interesting really.And if it is spontaneous,it has a big value.

There is a huge value out there in the world,that few still own,and it is called SPONTANEITY.
Once I was much more spontaneous than I am now,let's say until I was 18 I could really say everything that was going through my head,not for braveness but really for some naivity.Without being mean.But I met people that really disliked me and misunderstood me for this somehow,quality.I think 60% of my classmates got angry with me at some point or another because I was speaking my mind. Many people don't like that you tell them the truth.They prefer comfortable lies.I found out this.
Nowadays I still cannot lie,I still cannot say comfortable lies.So what I do is,that I keep my mouth shut,and tell what I think,for real,only when I know someone well enough,or when this person opened up with me a lot of times.
I think I suffered of this quite a lot back when I was younger. Not being able to be oneself,because if you tell what you think you are blamed for it.Because what you said was not so nice according to them.And you are not anymore a child,so you have no excuses.

I still don't act like an adult.And now I immediately notice the people that are spontaneous.I recognize them and cherish them as rare and precious.

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