Monday, June 4, 2012

My week of discoveries

Read the Map of consciousness, levels, who do you resonate with? Do we get along more with the people in a higher frequency or lower? In this period i feel much more connected to those that I feel are living in a higher frequency than me...

A monster? Italian immigrant who Worked as a "freak"in the US but lived up to 77 years and said he "travelled a lot and enjoyed every moment of his life". A wiseman, that nature certainly did not bless with perfection at birth, at least not the physical human perfection that we have as a model, who turned upsidedown his fate, making what for others would have been a handicap, his fortune and somehow his tool to happiness! How to interpret a bad start into a new opportunity!
Certainly a story to remember for motivation in life, I just love this story! Ah but that link is to an Italian website....while this is another reference to the man but in English.

The meaning name.... which is related to the SUN!

In Italian, from a very interesting blog, 11 things you can do to become happy instantly

Lately I have been feeling that my body does not want anymore excessive drinking/bad eating/sleeping habits and I have been doing lots of siestas at strange times of the day, especially when the weather was too hot to do anything or even to think.
I also spent 5 days last week, in Spain, totally recharging myself with Spanish hospitality, awesome sun, happy smiling people and lots of outdoor and in-the-nature walks.
I feel at the top and I am looking forward to spending more time in South Europe or again Spain.I am already planning the next holidays I think! Anyhow last Thursday I was playing guitar and singing on the Ramblas in Barcelona at 12 am! it was super hot! I'll post pictures soon.

So going back on the healthy drinking/eating/sleeping, I have experimented with some cooking, baking fruit cakes with only cane sugar/or honey/carrobe powder ( strong taste, but mixed with coconut cream and liquorice powder/sugar is very interesting!) and coconut butter.
Also my friend Caroline in her blog is an inspiration for healthy drinks!
And I have to steal her idea for my kitchen:

So essential and clean to take the seeds/nuts etc out of their package( that takes soo much space in my kitchen closet).
This week I am going to experiment cooking with this but not sure if I will prepare those recipes or just invent something...I had in mind to do a vegetarian sushi roll, flavoured in spirulina...

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