Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My week of discoveries

From this blog(sorry in Dutch) some advices to emerging bands
So this lady from this blog I stumbled upon, quotes that Einstein suggested the main issue of life( if this I understand) is to choose between believing the universe is friendly and believing the universe in unfriendly. That was April 25,2012 and while this lady was writing this blog post somewhere in the world, i was in Amsterdam wondering exactly the same thing...that's about different people with these two opposite outlooks in life, one friendly and one not friendly.

List of 10 strange-edible plants in the world, like this:(Kalir-Kanda growing in India and producing a substance that fulfills the sense of hunger but without actually having any nourishing property Weird!)

maybe something to add in my LIFE wish-list of things to do(scroll down when you get to the page, the article is half way, don't know why the made the template so weird and two articles in one page with one totally misleading title?)
Anyway interesting!!!!LINK
And i think this is the craziest idea of 2012 that I have heard of and it is all-made-in-Holland, the country where I am living these days.
So these guys are imagining a TV show on Mars in 2023, therefore I feel compelled to link to my song "In 2046", maybe I should see if these guys need a soundtrack!
In 2046

Mars: the setting for the next great reality show?

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