Sunday, May 20, 2012

My week of discoveries

I started a new morning start my day with a laughing meditation....and I mean I read this blog and this other blog

Discovered some Dutchness since i live in Amsterdam, the voice of Ilse DeLange i recognize a similar sound to mine :-)
How did I know that this sign was from Sidney,Australia? I don't know how I knew...but I would love to see it myself or does anyone reading my blog knows where this sign is located? can pinpoint on google maps please?
I'm so intrigued by this thing. I was just reading this blog and they had the post about this sign....

Study by a University of Chicago on percentage of believers of God per country and the history of the fluctuation in the last century, interesting percentages.But where do we go from there? 

Celestine Chua is awesome,as her blog on self development.
This post she wrote on 101 things to ask yourself every day always manage to bring me back to the present. I really find it hard to be present every day.

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