Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bands listened to this week

These last weeks my reverbnation account has exploded with fans and comments on my music, which was a pleasant surprise and i really hope reverbnation keeps his sincerity and does not become full of spam as myspace has become.
So my music playlists these weeks have been enriched with the music of the bands that connected with me and the new fans such as  Vipe-Stunt-men, for the first time in my life I hear  electronic music from
the land of....Thailand thanks to these guys who fan-ned me ( can you actually say fan- ned me?)
Theflygentlemen, some italian rock in English a bit as I like it, let's see if you enjoy them too,Showdown Boulevard and Frankie O'Rourke who wrote me a very appreciative message about my song "Uomo dello spazio".
I am ignorant in these things did Ization make titles inventing some words or it is somehow a slang?
then I appreciated the music from Pace Ride, the funny tunes of Jackslacks, Danielle Reich

Listened, then played in my radio show on radio cicada  the portorican Lunatic will remain in my memories,because of his gratitude and several messages of thanks for me. 
Many bands I contacted and played on my radio show, never bothered to reply and that's a pity I think.
I say it both as a musician, because we all have busy lives but a minimum of interaction seems the norm, if you put your profile OUT there on the internet, it is because you want to be seen,listened and you should want to reply back to someone giving you airplay! and both as a fan, who bothers to write to you out of all the other bands on the extreme overly populated internet!
Luckly in Portorico Lunatic was very thankful and that made my whole day, one day of gratitude. Labels

Listened to the new fans on reverbnation : Cortez, KCO, Bobo Raposi,Adam-Son Indie,Reggae from Glasgow, Mirokolica a very exotic name( at least to my ears), Andrew M. Hall whose style i extremely enjoyed listening to...the description on his profile was simple and genuine:
Hello everyone,
I am here like the rest of you all because I love music!
I hope you have a great year.

Jwkeeley from Seattle who can make awesome lines of guitar,dreamy a bit evanescence-like arias of Dreamaria and Monica Dupont who was inducted into The National Blues Hall of Fame as"Great Blues Musician" and appointed Ambassador to San Francisco and electronic french music from Paris, very pleasant by David Dumas.
Listened to the pleasant melodies of soulnarrative, with whom i hope to start a collaboration soon.

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