Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ten days and no post, needed time to think

Many times you do,
you get into a frantic rhythm of things to do, books to read, friends to meet. You are a slave to your own life and habits. You cannot stop and see the big picture. You cannot stop and realize where you are going to. What is that you are really trying to achieve and what is important for you NOW, today in this moment.

Maybe you try too hard to reach something and you miss the flavour, the joy of the process of getting there, the process that you go through every day. And then when you reach that goal, you are not happy. And you realize that what you really wanted was the PROCESS of getting there, the research, the launch into that direction, the every day work for getting that. The present always but not the future.

Last week I was in the blues, I was demotivated for creativity,demotivated for music, demotivated for anything.So I stopped. I stopped for a few days to search what I really want. What is making me happy and if it wasn´t there I would not be me, I would not be complete and I would not be happy.

And I read a lot, about the sky, quantum physics and mystery.
When I was a kid I wanted to become an explorer.An adventurer, a female Indiana Jones.
I found out that I still do!!!
I am still that adventurer!
That explorer!

And by the way my last name "Di Nauta" , comes from Latin and it means something like
coming from the sea

Funny isn´t it?

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