Saturday, March 14, 2009


Have you been sent this image?
According to the explanations on the net, the ballerina is turning clockwise and anti-clockwise at the same time. Many people can see her going in both directions. If you see her turning clockwise you use more your right brain emisphere, if you see her turning anti-clockwise you use more your left emisphere.
The right emisphere controls creativity imagination,capacity to see the big picture, relationship present-future.
the left emisphere controls logic, attention for details and relationship present past.

I tried so many times to concentrate to see her turning anti-clockwise I just can't! I keep seeing her going CLOCKWISE.

Then I found this website:

Where there are three images: the ballerina turning clockwise, as I see her all the times.
The Ballerina turning normally ( thereafter anyone see her in a different way, I still see her clockwise)
and the ballerina turning anti-clockwise, thus anyone will see her ANTI-CLOCKWISE

Well the funny thing is that even in this ANTI-CLOCKWISE one, I can see her turning CLOCKWISE If I want. If I DON'T concentrate I see her going ANTI-CLOCKWISE but If I concentrate on WANTING to see her going CLOCKWISE then she inverts the directions and goes CLOCKWISE!!!

Then I also noticed that if I look at the original image, the one that I normally see only going CLOCKWISE, but I actually don't watch it carefully, but I look somewhere else in the screen, the rest of the page and I basically see th ballerina only with the very left side of the left eye, so out of focus, perceiving only the movement and not seeing clearly the body of the ballerina,
then only then when the focus of the eyes is somewhere else on the webpage and I see the movement only with the extreme left side of the left eye
then only then I see the ballerina going ANTI-CLOCKWISE

so I use the logical part of my brain only when I get out of focus, when I kind of #don't mind it# # don't give importance to it#!

Isn't it fascinating? Maybe it will give me insight on how my mind works in everyday events and things.

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