Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The social media ...good and bad!

I joined instagram (Here is my account) at the beginning of the year and I'm quite enjoying to share the moments of my day and life in Berlin, living with other 5 people in a huge flat....

I discovered how much i like to share my living spaces with lots of other people and always finding someone in the kitchen. Which is the one in the pictures above!

But then, as for other social media...I'm seriously frustrated with youtube...
I mean I used to love the place and back in 2007 and 2008 I used to post videos ( LIKE THIS VIDEO, NO SHAME!!!) but i have grown wry of their changes and now, when i visit, my login is split in two profiles and it's so confusing, why did they ever do that???I mean connecting youtube to googlemail was and is the most annoying thing on earth!!!
So just a few weeks ago i found out that...i have tons of comments on the videos that are awaiting my approval, why did I never receive a notification? some are from 4 years ago!!!!
Oh yeah sorry but today I am angry.....
By the way when I don't rant out my anger with blog posts or SONGS I watch some videos of this guy, Bart Baker who definitely understands better than me how to use youtube, because he makes amazing and hilarious videos, and the lyrics of the songs he makes up, are pretty well written and well thought too!
He also has a funny face and that helps.Actually i was shooting a new video ( will appear soon, on...possibly youtube (If I manage to elevate my IQ to understand their damned settings ie)and i realized i am not very well trained to appear like most pop singers do when they sing in their videos,
that's very delicate movements of the face, basically as if you had sprayed your face with some kind of wax. So actually my grimaces are more similar to Bart's and what does that mean? Well mostly that my vanity makes me dislike 80% of the pics where I'm singing live. Because all I'm singing it's expressed on my face! Maybe i should turn into an actress. Uhm right.

But anyway i will soon put some new videos on youtube, especially of my latest concerts...stay tuned!

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