Monday, January 20, 2014

London street and Italian pictures

Berlin is so intense that the pictures i have accumulated on my mobile phone are demanding to be published.

 So while i update you with the things of life,you will have images from my daily Berlin experience.
Last week i was at a few events of the #BerlinFashionweek and it was flamboyant, inspiring and very worth it!   Here for example is images i took with my mobile at the Sameheads event in Neukolln,
\⁄⁄\⁄⁄ indowlicker # 10: "London Street & Italian Meat" - Berlin Fashion Week Special 

A huge package of candies that even Willy Wonka would want to hang on his ceiling the same way>>>

Then going down in the basement..
the old underground/cellar of a building....

Several rooms open up, like little grotto's carved in the rocks..we find re-purposed and repainted tv-sets ....

And an amazing village made with dolls and other items....such a kitsch but beautiful creation!

Decorative motifs  on the walls...

And a poetry performance by artists from Rome and Albania,
Acchiappashpirt - *Live Noise concert

And that's all for this week in pictures.
I am lately trying to practice more social media skills and hey! I have even joined instagram...check that out:
And i have 3 concerts scheduled for the next period, one this coming Thursday here.....
and on February 13th @Hotel Pfefferbett  and on June 6th @ Arcanoa
I was in the recording studio several days since the beginning of January, recording my latest 4 Italian songs and I want to tell you...some videos are coming in the next few weeks.....
And last but not least...this week end I have moved to a new place, more central in the Kreuzberg area and Ich freue mich as the Germans say, " I am happy about it".


Tati Hofmann von Baltenau said...

hey Deborah

wonderful Pictures and nice to see there is full speed ahead in your life


Deborah Deb said...

thanks tati, how are you doing?