Sunday, September 1, 2013

My weeks of.....I'm the queen of blog delays!

I realized lately  my blog posts always start with mentioning that i haven’t written for a while…and this was, seriously going to start with the same…with the difference that I have made a record this time…. 6 Weeks without a post….! I can be crowned the queen of bad blog administration….or of blog delays...
If you follow my twitter account or facebook page ( that I do update more frequently….lol!) you would know that I spent some time in a recording studio in Chiang Mai and recorded a cd with 4 of my original songs, just me playing my guitar and singing. I have chosen 4 tracks for the cd: Not afraid, Children of the sun, Raise your love and “Hundred things”. Being a perfectionist I  took my time before I was satisfied of the final result…but the experience of recording in a studio for the first time was not only super exciting( I was there, I was really doing it!>> that’s what I was thinking) but also a very important learning experience. 

Before entering the studio in fact I spent 9days in a monastery, learning and practicing vipassana meditation, and one of the rules we had to attend to was: no music, no sound, no instruments, no mp3 players, no computers…nothing except meditating ( not even talking!).
( I am going to talk about my meditation retreat experience in the next blog post)
So these 9days of no-practice really had an impact on my preparation while in the studio….or I should say not-proper-preparation because I had to record the tracks many more times than I thought I would, before getting the accurate playing and singing. As a musician, ( lesson learnt) you cannot really afford long breaks in order to keep a good level of quality in your music.
For the cd that I have produced therefore, mastered and ready to be packed in nice sleeves, I have different plans. One is to use it as a demo to send to music publishers all over the planet, starting with Europe first, secondly I plan to sell it while busking/performing in the next few months and I am evaluating if I want to sell it online maybe on itunes.

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