Sunday, July 14, 2013

My week of discoveries, on the go, My new life!

It's been more than a month since my last post but  i have not stopped once to do something, live or make music.
I have spent june at New Life Foundation in Chiang Rai until June 27th and then I have started to travel in South East Asia, starting from the North of Laos and I am now in the South of Laos, in a charming island called Don Det.
I wrote an a amazing new song just the day before my departure from New Life, the song is called "I am out of here"and it kind of summarizes my discoveries about the world/life and myself of the nearly 3months i spent at the foundation.

>>Me and Ashton in the making of "I am out of here"

I feel really blessed, lucky and grateful for the life that I am leading at the moment. Being able to see so much of the world, meet so many new personalities and see the world also from their eyes.
It is so true that in this world we are millions of people and these millions of people they all have different ways to live, and there is NOT one fixed, righteous way. This is one of the endless beauties of this planet, there is no fixed rule.
This is one of the biggest change that I have seen happened in me: months ago, before going to the New Life Foundation, the simple fact that there was not a fixed rule to follow in the world, seemed chaos to me, seemed imperfection, seemed WRONG in itself, was making me unhappy and unsure.
Now, the same thing, the fact that the world is made of so many different opinions, ideas, rules that there is no OBJECTIVITY, makes the world a fascinating creature in itself and the journey to discover it amusing,exciting and challenging. Welcome to my NEW LIFE!

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