Monday, February 18, 2013

My week of discoveries

Rose leaves and ginseng tea: warming discovery of the week....and very useful to me in these last weeks of snow in Amsterdam, here the winter does not seem to want to end...but luckily I will go somewhere very hot soon....i will tell you more in my new blog post, which will be also more personal and the beginning of a series of blog posts about my JOURNEY.

>>>Food that got my attention at the airport of Seoul, North Korea, can you guess what it is? ( hsifyllej) < read viceversa and you'll find the solution

Everyone has a journey to accomplish, a journey into life, full of experiences to make us learn things.
My journey last week made me go to the website of sellaband to check the latest bands and projects and see who to invest for,(for those of you that don't know it, is like an online record company, where fans/listeners can invest money in the album of an upcoming band) but i have not found anything that drove me so crazy as to invest in them.
So i checked their charts( they publish weekly charts) and gave a deep listen to several bands i had plucked within. And i listened to all the songs they were enlisting on sellaband.
The following are my humble opinions, as a music lover, a fan and someone who appreciates every form of art and as a musician( and a very critical one!but the Muse music is a perfect creation and we have to strive for beauty and justice in music!):

Lischkapelle: they do a kind of pop and folk, you can clearly hear nice ideas in their music but they need to be developed further. Like an unripen fruit also some work is needed on the vocal skills which really have potential.
Mr Oskar Schutser plays in clearly a folk style,without vocals( at least in the tracks on sellaband) his music could suit perfectly  instrumental music for movies. I see lots of gipsy influencesand most of his songs are very pleasant.
 The last,also suggested by sellaband in their newsletter disappointed my expectations...I am talking about Anne Height. The style of Anne is also pop and folk and DON'T get me wrong: there are some very nice ballads but it isn't much new or original,it is pleasant to listen though.
But an awesome discovery was the website of TripleJ Unearthed where to listen and create playlists and rate upcoming bands from all over Australia,i am addicted to the website.

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