Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My week of discoveries

Well well...my posts on the blog have been scarce in the last period or so...First i was travelling to Australia, so i had little time to update the blog. When you travel you do not have much time and much chance to get online...no matter how much you try to stick to it!
I have been now back in Amsterdam for 3 weeks and I have been in the process of " getting over my jet lag, moving all my stuff into boxes, moving out of my old place, finding a new place and  rehearsing for my band's upcoming gig THIS SATURDAY (check link for event and COME JOIN and CHEER). "
Plus lots of things are cooking, including more travelling...because i really cannot get enough.
Then, as if I was not busy enough and in full change of life...last week i got the flu so i was literally in bed for 5 full days and I am still slowly recovering.
So for the past week i have been taking care of my health, using natural remedies and some ayurvedic recipes. I am staying at this friend of mine who is studying Ayurveda at the moment and therefore she was preparing some ayurvedic dinners,syrups and herb teas for me.
Two things i will never forget how powerfully healthy and incredibly common: garlic and onion.
Then I had lots of eucaliptus tea and honey.
My 2013 in general has started healthy. I have not made any New Year's resolutions but I just did...actions!
I quit smoking cigarettes ( already i was only a seldom smoker, bad habit i got 4years ago by living with my ex-boyfriend, never before had I smoked!), i started a routine of daily running ( until i got sick last week...so I have not stopped until I' am fully recovered) and started to meditate daily again, even if just 10minutes.
I plan on increasing the time spent on meditating. I feel so many benefits.

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