Friday, August 31, 2012

My week of discoveries and listened to this week (one post)

When I tell people of how frantic life rhythms are nowadays, they mostly confirm that's the way it is.
They start to tell how it is normal that everybody works full time and makes a living and how more full of things to do our life is.
But I disagree with simply keeping things as they are, especially if we could change it, thanks to technology. And i see more and more people envisioning the same.A campaign by a Peruvian architect named Carlos Tovar  ( on twitter Carlintovar) about the possibility of transferring all productivity into a 4hour shift, with a process of several months and gradual decreasing.
The point is that the technology of today could make machines do most of the work.
I was checking out the contests of the website wearelistening and found that the winner of the 2012 Songwriter competition is  an extremely talented man named Putnam Murdock, who won with the 
warm and country song "When I die" . Not all the songs I listen to, make me have some kind of visions of places and that song does: campfire,a ballad with a guitar near the prairie and big spaces on sunsets, fantastic landscape thank you Putnam for these moments!
One interesting blog i discovered is about Moon Phases, as I believe they influence us a lot( and it is scientifically proved), so this one, I am now checking regularly, it is boorkmarked!
I am quite excited and!!! for a few days of extreme North in Denmark and a few gigs at Songwriter events. Pictures published here in a week or so!

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