Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Experiments with healthy cakes 1 and is living like a KID a bad thing?

As a base I used the recipe on the British All recipes.co.uk ( should I be ashamed, as Italian to cook following a British website ???Kind of inverted Jamie Oliver) http://allrecipes.co.uk/recipe/8729/easy-banana-cake.aspx

with modifications as follows:

Serves: 10;serves 8

  • 125g butter>170 g coconut butter
  • 150g caster sugar>100gr cane sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract>20gr cinnamon,10gr chilli,5gr cloves
  • 1 egg, beaten>same
  • 2 very ripe bananas, mashed>4 very ripe bananas,mashed
  • 190g self raising flour>same
  • 60ml milk> no milk

    The result was a delicious ( i would call it) Banana Creme Brulee

    While I indulge in experiments with cooking I have been faced in the last weeks with an exchange in points of view in life of me and people, friends, family around me of more dramatic intensity than before in my life.
    We call it all with the same word, "life"but we do have extreme different ways of living it, both how we live experiences outside and how we process them as information and how therefore we see WHAT life IS, HOW life FEELS and THE POSSIBILITIES in this LIFE.
    Many see LOTS of rules in life, that LIMIT them, and I think for a period of  my life I was taken and drained out in this type of thinking.
    Living like a KID nowadays means, realizing that there may be no tomorrow ( adult thinking) and therefore live like it is a game, where you try and if you make a mistake you try again and in any case you advance and something happens. And along the way you meet friends and people you love and you share experiences, sometimes winning, sometimes losing, but never losing the taste of the adventure, because adventure is the dice to the game of life.
    Playing every turn like it was the last one, and loving every minute of it, because really from one moment to another,the game may cease. When I was a kid, and i remember it well, there was no limit of time when I started to play a game,I was intensely in "it"even if it would last only a short while because we were called by our parents to do the "homework".
    Nowadays we have to remind ourselves of our own "homework" or include it as an active part of the game.
    When I was a kid, there was no exclusivity and no jealousy, if a friend passed by and then life brought us apart,there were no hard feelings. The same way I think, we can realize that we continuously change and sometimes people grow away from each other and it is not a bad thing, but just the evolution of things.
    For the first time in my life, just like Jack in the TV serial "Lost"I am realizing that I cannot fix it all, amend it all, save them all but I'm accepting the law of allowing, and also allowing that others don't take actions and that certain things evolve in the way we had not expected or planned or wanted.

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