Sunday, January 10, 2010

ODE to the Dutch

Hey guys,
one thing you do not know about yet is my love for the Dutch people,their language,heritage,culture and their country.

How did this start dates back to 1998,I fell in love with a Dutch guy and from there I was never separated from this country, spiritually. I learnt most of the Dutch that I know by myself,then took courses at the University and won a scholarship that let me study there for one year.
I lived from 2001 to 2002 in Noord Amsterdam,an almost countryside neighbourhood of Amsterdam.
I used to cycle 6 kilometres to the river IJ, that crosses Amsterdam, take a free ferry to the railway station,Amsterdaam Centraal Station and then cycle again,everywhere,with every type of weather and rain, that Holland never lacks of.
The funny things about this all is that..when I set foot in Holland for the first time I felt at home. Everytime I go to Holland I smell something in the air that tells me "likes it". Dutch was for me, the easiest language to learn, of course my pronunciation is foreigner and I have an accent but damn I love to hear it.
Now I am sending an ode to the Dutch again,because in my adventure of finding new fans on the Internet,I just get so much warm,friendly and open feedback from Dutch fans.

But thank you also for the following;
Dutch fries
Hoegaarden (!!!!love it)
Satey sauce
Honey liquorice...Honning drop
Van Gogh,in fact my favourite painter since I was 15
Anne Frank and her diary, the one that I was keeping by my bed and reading every night from the age 11 to the age 14
Dutch bike with the curved handle( so beautiful,robust and fast)
Amsterdam,for me the most charming town in the world
My Dutch prof Mr Wijnen, one of the most good at heart people I have met.

And these are some pictures courtesy of Holandia and Mike Opperman from Flickr.
The place is one of my favourite in Holland, a village called Zaanse Schans.
When you get there you will feel like this village is not real, but it comes from a fairytale.

As soon as you step from the train, a parfume of chocolate wraps you up( they have a chocolate factory that's why) and then...windmills,oldhouses with those gardens,bridges etc.Zaanse Schans is where I tasted my first Dutch pancake.
Make sure you visit it one day and let me know how you felt. I love that place is it a real fairytale place.

Ode agli olandesi e al loro meraviglioso paese.
Ode alla loro ospitalita' e a come mi sono sempre sentita a casa,ode alla loro birra Hoegaarden,ai loro artisti e alla loro lingua.
Immagini di Zaanse Schans, uno dei miei posti preferiti in Olanda, un paesino che profuma di cioccolata dove ho mangiato il mio primo pannekoek olandese.
Grazie a tutti i fans che sto scoprendo avere in Olanda.

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