Sunday, February 21, 2010

Legends of the others...

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I was browsing the net, listening to podcasts and getting new ideas from twitter and blog
and I stubled on this....
the question is
tell us a quote of something related to your ancestors
the replies are amazing and interesting,
some are:

Kristina says:
The Polish side of my family buried all of their wealth before fleeing Poland. The older generations say that they were *very* wealthy and always thought that they’d return to find it…except no one knows where this supposed treasure trove is. My Mom and I always say that she’s a princess and I’m a princess-in-waiting because we clearly come from royalty and if we could only find that loot….
I also like to think about someone buying whatever property my family use to have and digging a hole for a garden or pond or something and finding a stash of jewels.

When I was a teen in the 1970s I learned my family had a tenuous connection to the Salem Witch Trials. I leaped on that bit of information and told people I was descendant from a witch, not really taking into consideration the horror of those trials, or the fact that innocent people died because of such stupidity. Many years later I learned that the distant relative was Ann Putnum, one of the young girls who started the hysteria (she would later express remorse for her part in the trials). I had long since stopped commenting about the witch in my family, and I never did trace the accuracy of the lineage, but I did feel pains of sorrow for my previous ignorance and boasting.

Jennifer S. says:
My father is fond of telling me about the black sheep of our family, somewhere back in the line who wrote and published a version of the Bible, which was deemed by the English King at the time (I have my suspicions as to which one) to be blasphemous and subsequently banned. Apparently there’s a copy left in a museum somewhere in Europe. And so I am able to trace my creative writing genes…

Girando per internet, mentre ascolto dei podcast e cerco ispirazione dai blog ho trovato questo post, interessante,
qui la domanda 'e # quale frase ti ricordi essere riferita ai tuoi predecessori?#
alcune delle storie sono incredibili.


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