Sunday, September 27, 2009

Swedish lakes up, non-alcoholic beer not so up....

Last week end I spent 3 days in the beautiful village of Vittsjo in Central Sweden.
Canoeing for the first time was awesome as soon as we found out on which side to sit...mushrooms everywhere, morning yoga by the lake PRICELESS!
I loved the morning fog,coming from the lake, something I did not expect and that was really fairy-talish

Many hous were spent just gazing at the fire on the lake beach. The starred sky was our roof and the lake's silence was solemn.

I already miss that place and will be sure to go back for spring!

Frugal eating dinner just sitting on dry leaves, with the dim light of a handful of torches and the darkness of the forest around you, is something that touches me intimately.

Il week end scorso passato nel centro Svezia, nel paese di Vittsjo 'e stato meraviglioso.La birra meno dato che aveva grado max 3.5 a causa di politiche Svedesi contro la dipendenza. Celi stellati, notti silenziose, giri in canoe e meditazioni davanti ad un fuoco acceso. Non vedo l' ora di ritornarci!!!

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