Monday, September 14, 2009

Encounters in Copenhagen

I am having big problems with my camera,somehow i cannot even find the latest pictures done, the memory stick has been damaged, I can see the pictures on the camera screen but I cannot download them...very sad!

Beginning of August, cold rainy evening in Copenhagen, I am waiting in a club to do a jam session with a friend musician when I see entering this guy, dressed in black, looking spacey and i recognize him as being Pete Doherty, totally incognito! He sat at a table alone, sipped a couple of beers for one hour and then left.
he tried to call a cab but was standing in the middle of the street, totally out there....then he started to walk away,zig-zagging...
Really a strange view.

Sto avendo problemi con la mia macchina fotografica, non solo non funziona piu' ma anche la scheda di memoria si 'e danneggiata. Una sera di agosto aspettavo di suonare in un locale qui a Copenhagen e Pete Doherty 'e entrato in incognito nessuno che lo abbia riconosciuto!

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