Sunday, June 14, 2009

La belle verte The green beautiful

I was crying in several parts of this movie.It feels strange to say it but it is been several months that I start to have more and more the urge to abandon all material things, to keep only a handful of absolutely necessary things. To only spend my time in the nature and meditating.To consume less, eat less.

I also have the feeling, which is growing more and more, that all this society we live in, is wrong. That I was once living in a different way, that I was walking barefeet all the time,that I would communicate with plants.
That I would wake up to a rising sun and fall asleep in a field with a roof of stars.
That I would not fear anything because there would be nothing to fear.
That the future would only bring joy and yet the future would not matter because time would not have a beginning or an end.
That I would look from the top of a mountain and only see green and natural landscapes for as far as my eyes could see.
That I would never feel alone even when there was no one at sight.

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