Saturday, June 20, 2009

In the forest: Foresta Umbra

During my summer holiday 2 weeks ago, I visited so many nice landscapes and wild places in the region where my dad is from: Puglia. Puglia is the what we call the heel of the Italian boot. My dad is wrong the zone of Gargano, which has an incredible lake,with a thin layer of land ( 1 km) that separates it from clean seas and huge beaches.Gargano has as well a big national park called # Foresta Umbra# with deers,wild boars and other animals.
I was there and the trees were incredibly huge.Very special, the atmosphere was somehow magical, very silent. The smell of the underwood was musky and it even smelled of raspberries! ( big bushes of raspberries where near us, although the fruits still had to come out).

Here are some images.

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