Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What I left

5 weeks ago I moved to Berlin, leaving my old friends, my dog and the town i had called home for the past 3 years: Amsterdam.

And i left behind things that i don't need anymore, because i am downsizing and appreciating more and more living life with LESS and MORE space.
In a charming neighbourhood in the south east of Amsterdam, i discovered some time ago this:

A shelf organized on the wall of a block of apartments, on the sidewalk.
A shelf for every one to donate or bring home.
Imagine my surprise when cycling one day i found this little " treasure" and i left a lot of things behind: cds ( YES BOUGHT CDs ...there was a time) that i used to listen to, pencils that coloured my agendas, some clothes, some art books that are enriching some one else's life with beauty.
Then i packed all the rest, took my car and came to Berlin:

Berlin has got lots of cool things, abandoned buildings, huge green parks, vast lakes and...lots of music venues and events.
I immediately jumped into the open stage on Thursday night at KUSSKUSS ( meaning: kiss kiss) in Nogatstrasse and loved the cosy small stage with custom built arena style seats:

So in the next few weeks i plan to explore Berlin more and more, I know i will stay here until end of April 2014 for sure because of the project i have started to collaborate with the BERLIN MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS and it is such a cool project! Soon i'll post about it so you know too!

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