Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My week of discoveries, in Thailand

It has been 9days since my arrival on Thai soil and the experiences and people met have been already amazing.
Seeing a small crocodile swimming next to the boat that was bringing me on a temple tour in Ayutthaya was unexpected but not scary and the locals did not seem bothered by it ( even kids were swimming just 50metres from the croc).
I tried all types of tasty food from local stands and finally for the first time in my life drank young coconut juice. I can't complain at all about the high temperatures, even if we reached 44degrees and i had to learn all the ways to keep my body hydrated and not fainting, i do not miss the cold snowy weather that i left in Amsterdam on the day of my departure.
Last Thursday night i landed in the North of Thailand, near the town of Chiang Rai, at the New Life Foundation where i'll be spending 4 weeks. I'll write more about this place in my next post, but it is an incredible place which has given me already a lot in these few days!
I can't wait to see how much better i'll feel going on, here and how i'll feel when i'll leave this place.
The last 3days i had a great chance at songwriting thanks to Simon, one of the guests here, who is also a songwriter and living in London. He had a task for this week, to write a flow of consciousness by making a song and i offered to back him up with my guitar.
It was a big learning experience for me, to be just backing up and listening and working on some one else's song, and it was so interesting to see his style of songwriting, which to my ears was really "British" because it did remind me of the style of British songwriters. I think the British have a talent for inventing catchy melodies, kind of stories in melody and having several catchy melodies in one song, kind of switching and surprising you by totally changing the pace of the song. If that makes sense to you, i cannot explain more clearly than this what i mean.
So we performed his song today at the 8am morning meeting in front of the other guests and they were so enthousiastic that we were asked to play again while they would be filming.
The video will go on the NEW LIFE FOUNDATION official blog and i'll put a link here.
Following are some pictures of the New Life Foundation.

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