Wednesday, November 21, 2012

8 weeks offline

Hello worldwideweb,
i just pusblished a post that I wrote circa 7 weeks ago and since then, I have been in the midst of moving to a new apartment and not having the internet for a while.
So lot's of packing and of course waiting  for the installation which took a while.
I have it has been refreshing not to be online for a while, being more present,and stopping the rhythm like this.
I learnt  to be more time-efficient when being online because i only had available a couple of hours a day. Incredible how much our life is related to this machine of information and data. Incredible how we are so entangled to it.
Maybe we get re-wired as well and start leading our life as a net, the same way the web works.
But this period of  "offliness-ness"( i love to make up words) made me start to do a lot more things such as a band to play with, that kind of came without too much searching for it. But it came.
We are maybe complete and we had a great 1st show last Saturday at a party house, called Badhuis, an old public bath! Superb building, with old arcades and original mirrors and tiles. 10 performers for this party and we managed to close it just before the midnight with a cover of i shot the sheriff by Eric Clapton, The Who with Can't explain and my original song Not afraid, which was kind of improvised because the drummer had never heard the song and we had never rehearsed it with him.
So it actually went SUPER well and I was full of adrenalin for many hours later.
And this is a very blurred picture of the FUN night:
The party was in a street called Nirwana, which in itself i thought was charming!

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