Tuesday, August 4, 2009

If I could understand Hebreu: the beauty of these songs!


last week I spent a lot of time attending the events around the Copenhagen World Outgames: there were so many things going on: fashion shows, concerts, sporting competitions and the Pride Parade on Saturday which was very fun to watch and an extremely friendly atmosphere.

Last Wednesday as well, we had the pleasure to attend the concert by famous musician Ivri Lider and I got crazy at the beauty of the Hebreu language: so musical! It sounds like the wind dancing between the sandy dunes of the desert: that is the feeling that I had when I heard it.
Even the songs in English were nice, although I preferred the Hebreu ones.

Here is a video of Ivri Lider.Talking about " love with difficulties" as he defined it when he introduced the song at the concert.

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