Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I have to share the link to this angelic music and tell you the story behind it.
last week I went to Prague for a few days of holiday.The two weeks before that I had a melody in my head that I knew was somehow related to Prague and that I had heard at school when I was 12.
Then last Wednesday my plane ( no...not Easyjet but Czech Airlines) landed in Prague and the speakers of the plane suddenly started to play this!!!!!What a coincidence!!!
I immediately went to ask the flight attendant for the name of the composer.

I have real shivers when I listen to this,this music really transports me back in time and I have the feeling that I am seeing what Smetana was seeing when composing this. It is truely like living it!It almost feels like a drug.

The emotions linked to this melody are wonderful.
Please experience this with me and share this beauty around.

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